Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Anniversary 116th!

On June 28, I woke up and wished most of my squad, at least those who'd been with the unit since it was first called up, a 'happy anniversary'. That day marked one full year that these guys have been deployed, six months of which was training in Texas and Louisiana. If we were active duty, we'd be heading home now (albeit home would be a military base somewhere) as they are 'only' deployed for one full year. As National Guard, we get an additional six months away from our homes for the extra training that we allegedly need to 'get up to speed.' (I can tell you that about 5% of our training was excellent and the rest was practically useless.)

Because of Basic Training, I have been active duty since the end of March '04, just about four weeks after Sally and I were married. Counting those four weeks, plus five weeks after Basic, then two weeks leave in May, I've actually been married WITH Sally for a grand total of less than three months. And of course I've only personally known Lillian for two weeks. But the clock is ticking away and each day brings me closer to home.

Today for example, I actually packed a bag for home, mostly just extra gear and unnecessary items, and then packed it into a conex shipping container for its very long sea voyage home. While it's still months away, it was a special treat to actually pack something for home.
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