Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To my boys in the 116th (on the eve of their redeployment):

- May the days pass quickly

- May the poo water never touch your boots (and certainly not crash over your gunners)

- May the wind be at your backs and the various and sundry smells be downwind

- May your Internet connections be strong and uninterrupted

- May your Kevlar, SAPI plates, and other armors be both thick and in all the right places at the right times

- May your care packages arrive often and each be a cornucopia of goodness

- May you have plenty of time to further memorize more Will Farrell movies

- May you find a way to have a beer here/there

- May your emails and letters from home always bear good news

- And may your deity of choice always be by your side.

Good luck and godspeed gents...

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