Thursday, June 30, 2005

The KRAB's ice cream bar.

But my biggest pet peeve is the gym situation. They have two massive gyms with loads of beautiful, new workout equipment. The one gym I've seen has several benches (including incline and decline), squat racks, entire lines of cybex machines (like nautilus but with free weights), numerous cardio machines, nice and neat piles of plates all in pounds, and bars and collars that all actually fit together. They even have a neck machine (a neck machine!) and the building has more AC units than you can shake a stick at.

Our little blockhouse of a weight room has one sputtering AC unit that cuts off several times per workout. One bench is held together with duct tape, the squat rack wiggles from side to side (not good when you have 250 pounds on your back), there is one exercise bike and one elliptical machine, the leg extension bench's seat is made of plywood scavenged cushions, and the lat pull-down machine was welded together from scavenged parts of other broken machines left by our predecessors. Posted by Hello
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