Thursday, June 30, 2005

Our 'chow shed'.

Their chow hall has four different lines with usually at least three entree options, plus additional 'fast food' lines with burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, and cheesesteaks, all served by cute little female Pilipino contractors. We have one entee per night. That is to say we have one entree when the chow hall contractors get our dinner right. Numerous times we've received ample amounts of spaghetti with no sauce, or vice versa, and sometimes the entree is just so bad, that we end up having something like salted noodles for dinner. And I've stopped eating most of the meat, since it's either red meat or so oily as to sicken me, so my dinners are often a few potatoes.

The KRAB's chow hall has a salad bar. We get one marmite per day of nutritionally useless iceberg lettuce. They also have a potato bar, pizza bar, spaghetti bar, taco bar, sandwich bar, and ice cream bar. They have electric cooler upon cooler filled with Gatorade, juices, sodas, and water. We get a couple of cases of warm soda for dinner and some juices with breakfast. When we're lucky a case of Gatorade shows up here and it disappears faster than a snowball on a Kirkuk sidewalk. Posted by Hello
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