Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Here's a shot that just makes me happy for a couple of reasons. That's my black-gloved hand in the foreground, handing a stuffed turtle to a little boy. Actually the little boy was too afraid of me, so his brother took it for him and quickly gave it to his brother. Now, in an ideal world, the kids wouldn't be all grouped together in a vertical line like that but just the combination of colors, the clarity, and of course the look on the kids' faces just kind of, I think, bring this one all together.

By the way, the above stuffed animals, and several more that I didn't get shots of or that we had to throw over courtyard walls to get to the 'right' kids (usually scared or timid little girls), all came from the good folks at the Goddard House. They sent a few boxes more so I'll have my hands full for the next few patrols. Hopefully though, I'll get at least one more good shot out of it all. Posted by Picasa
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