Monday, July 18, 2005

Note how high up off the ground this thing is. That, along with its bathtub-shaped undercarriage, is to help dissipate explosions from mines, roadside bombs, unexploded ordinance, etc. On the other side of the truck (photo left) you can see the big, Space Shuttle-like arm attached to the front of the vehicle. It has rake on one end and is used to sift through rubble, trash, whatever, and pick up possible explosive devices.

These guys are always looking for more people to join their ranks and they offer all sorts of extra pay and whatnot to draw people in. Funny though, they usually don't have many takers... Must be because they're some of the busiest guys in the Army right now. Or it might be all those BOMBS they work with all the time. No thanks, not for me!Posted by Picasa
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