Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Short timer – We've been told that we now have less than 100 days left in-country, making me what's called a 'double-digit midget'. (Alliteration aside, what a STUPID phrase!) Currently we're hearing that we'll close up this patrol base by the end of September, spend a month or so on the KRAB, fly down to Kuwait for a couple of days and then we're off to Ft. Lewis for between five and nine days of de-mobilization. We're also now hearing that we'll be in 'lock down' during our de-mobe so that we can get it, get it done, and get back home asap.

I am a complete idiot – Since I once worked at the U.S. Supreme Court (albeit briefly – just about eleven months), I, through a completely random manner, ended up writing the preface to and being the 'technical editor' of, the Complete Idiot's Guide (CID) to the Supreme Court. Since I still had those contacts at the publisher, I recently approached them with an idea to do a CID to Being Deployed, which would be written by both Sally and myself. Sally would write the chapters about home life and I would write the ones about the military side. They shot the idea down but then asked me to write the preface to the forthcoming CID to Long-Distance Relationships. Random. I'll be working on that soon and should get a few hundred bucks for it. I'll need the money for when I'm not working after I get back after being deployed!

Your tax dollars at work – the unit cost for my SAW light machine gun is $4,087. An M240 medium machine gun costs $6,600 while the grandpappy M2 .50 cal heavy machine guns cost $14,000 per. Just thought you ought to know where some of our defense budget goes. By the way, if I remember correctly, the U.S. defense budget nearly equals that of the entire rest of the world combined.
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