Saturday, August 27, 2005

LAST Care Package List

Ladies and Gents, I'm happy to present my LAST care package list! Please don't mail anything after SEPTEMBER 15 as it probably won't get to me after that.

As always THANK YOU all for everything you've already sent!!! You've made many soldiers (especially me) and lots of Iraqi kids very, very happy (and healthy too, you should see the stuff we get for dinners here – UGH).

• Soy milk (so I can eat all the cereal that we have here) – very important to my happiness and well being. Low-fat, non-fat, full-fat, vanilla, unflavored, even a few chocolate, I don't care. I can't drink the cow milk s0 soy is key for eating and snacking on cereals.

• Orbit gum. Any/all flavors. We love the stuff and it's huge for helping me get through guard duty.

• Bite-sized snickers bars for the lads here – they love ‘em.

• (As always) Popular movie DVD’s to help satisfy our voracious appetite for escapist fantasies. After all, each movie we watch is two more hours that we can forget that we're here. Some movie ideas for the guys – Caddy Shack, Rocketman, I Married an Axe Murderer, and Three Amigos, and more artsy ones for me – Bottle Rocket, Whale Rider, The Pianist, The Notebook. Please don’t spend any real money though, just get used ones or those on sale. Better yet, send old ones you don’t like or don’t watch any more.

• Stuff for Iraqi kids: individually wrapped candies (preferably heavier, throw-able stuff like Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Jaw Breakers, etc.), or just a few toys or stuffed animals (SMALL ones that we can toss from vehicles – 'Beanie Baby' style animals are perfect as they're small but also heavy enough to toss).

• PLEASE surprise us! Life here is pretty routine (not dull, just repetitive). So go crazy, send some new entrée or lunch thing (no red meat please though), various types of cookies, and just generally different stuff. Don’t worry about sending the ‘wrong’ thing because I promise it won't go to waste!
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