Saturday, August 20, 2005

The new 'pantry' area with plywood shelves. Okay, this is a totally boring photo, but I just realized that I hardly took any shots while we were called out on the QRF missions. So deal. Beside, we don't read enough as a society anyway so read on without many photos, HA!

Around 2:00 PM, we're called out again for a possible IED blast in between our base and the KRAB. We arrive, pull security around the site, and sit around. All too often, the information about why we're called out onto QRF and even what we're doing on-scene takes an agonizingly long time to reach down to our level. As a peon-like Specialist (which is pretty much the lowest rank here, since we have virtually no privates at all), we often roll out the door not knowing exactly why and it's not uncommon to arrive on-scene and pull security (meaning we set up a perimeter around the site so that people can't get in, or out) for an hour or so before someone tells you what exactly is going on. Posted by Picasa
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