Monday, August 29, 2005

Satellite Shots

This is fun (if you're totally bored) and if you have Google Earth (download at You can see my patrol base from a satellite photo that must have been taken before the ground war into Iraq. If you go to:
35 degrees 28' 52.52"
44 degrees 23' 33.88"
You will see a satellite photo of what is now our patrol base and those coordinates should center right on top of my building. The large brown patch is the soccer field, and the blue and white angled rectangle just north of that is now our pool. The half traffic circle just above that is now cut off by our concrete perimeter wall and the half circle across the street is the pull-out for the wedding park across the street.

And you can also go see the KRAB, minus all the PX and Dining Facility buildings that have been set up since we took over the joint. You can simply zoom out and look for the two large runways or go right to:
35 degrees 28' 15.60"
44 degrees 20' 47.35"

We spent a day fooling around with Google Earth, all of us siting in our homes (current and childhood), high schools, etc. One of the best features of the program is that you can tilt the view up or down to give you the terrain features, especially hills and valleys. I was able to show the guys my favorite running route in the Boise foothills with all the ups and downs.

If you go to the shot of our patrol base and you see a bunch of walls, barriers, gates, and Humvees, then you know they updated the photo. If you see me looking up at you, waving, then the photo is REALLY current.
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