Friday, September 02, 2005

And last, but definitely not least, I don't think anything exemplifies the word 'art' (certainly at least Duchamp's concept of 'ready made' art) like this baby. This is an old Soviet-designed T-55 tank, now stripped of just about every scrap piece of metal possible. It stands just outside town (you can see a corner of its track on the very left of the gateway shot above) and we (lamentably) call it 'Freedom Tank.' I don't know its story but one of our soldiers decided to use the location for his re-enlistment ceremony (you can see him being sworn in by an officer just behind the engine deck in the back). Regardless, I just love the fact that what was once such a symbol of cold, armored, mechanized war is now being painted such pretty colors by the locals. Posted by Picasa
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