Saturday, September 17, 2005

And there is the very exciting new menu at Pizza Hut on the KRAB. Here, SPC Beans tries to figure out what to order.

Somewhat sadly, we were extremely happy (truly) to see the new menu, which includes three new sandwiches, a couple of desserts, and also now sells large and medium pizzas instead of just the personal-sized ones. (We also decided we need to just buy a couple of large pizzas whenever we're at the KRAB and then take them back to our bay to eat over the next few days.) It's really pathetic, but we were truly excited for all of this, because just to have some other food options, any other options, is a big deal to us now.

The KRAB's dining facility has, of course (and also mentioned in a previous blog) many, many more dining options than we could ever have on our patrol base. They also have a Burger King and are putting in a coffee shop. The new coffee shop is also (pathetically) exciting for us too. Soon I'll be able to buy American-style spiced chai tea (with soy milk even) and fat donuts there.

Another option is eating off the local economy, which we can sometimes do. Occasionally, our interpreters will make a run to buy a bunch of pizzas or kabobs for us. Posted by Picasa
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