Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh Glorious Day!!!

Mark this day in your calendars as September 24th gave us a landmark moment: the first day that we spotted double-digit highs in the weather forecast for Kirkuk. (Yeah, it's almost October and we still haven't yet hit even 99-degree highs yet, although the website tells us that it will be soon.)

Needless to say, there was much rejoicing and back-slapping in the bay tonight. We were keeping an eye on the website daily, waiting for this auspicious moment. It was an even nicer surprise to have not one but TWO 99-degree days pop-up. This is an important milestone and a day that will live in our hearts for a long time. Hoist a beer and hoist it high for us as soon it will be 'comfortable' here.

It was so exciting for us that I even saved in my computer a shot of the website with the 99-degree days forecasted on it.

Alas though, we also hear that this country doesn't really have a fall season. We joke that one morning we'll wake up and it will be 40-degrees out and raining, just like our months down south at Camp Scunion. Even if the change isn't that severe, it will be a tough time dealing with 50's and rainy when we finally reach the blessed land of Fort Lewis. We'll look silly in our silk long johns, polypros, fleece, and hats and we will not give one single damn.
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