Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Once again, there was a total lack of any kind of proper plan for the event. So they tried to squeeze the entire company (around 120 guys) into the 'B-Cell', a medium-sized room near the pool that was originally intended to be a holding cell. (Instead of a holding cell it became our combination practice room for the 1st Platoon band and the sandwich shop (see 'Our Food' below).)

We got as many folks in the door as we could and then the rest just stood outside. They just signed the sign-in sheet, which is really all that matters. It's something we call 'checking the box'; making it look like something is done because someone on high deemed it important enough to make sure everyone is there (which is usually just a 'cover your butt' move on that person's part), without really worrying too much about the person actually doing it. Once again, it's style over substance. Posted by Picasa
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