Tuesday, September 27, 2005

That's the back of SGT Haylett's head as he reads the chaplain's PowerPoint slide about intimate relationships. Apparently some guys get all excited to come home, and then have a hard time, uh... performing. Most of the briefing was 'no duh' moments like this, with advice that, 'If this happens to you, be patient and keep trying.' No duh.

Other good advice included things like talk to someone before you beat your spouse. No duh.

And there were suicide warning signs such as someone saying, "I'm going to kill myself," or "I'm going to commit suicide." No duh.

However, and in all fairness to the Army, the chaplain, etc. they probably see a ton of such bad stuff (spousal abuse, suicide, etc.) that could have been solved with simple communication at the right moment. Once again, it's management to the lowest common denominator. Posted by Picasa
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