Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is where much of the electrical power in Iraq comes from. These small buildings, like this one just 30 meters from our front gate, are actually built around an industrial-sized, diesel powered generator. There is one of these for each neighborhood and mechanics will sleep right next to the generator, sometimes in a small room.

Note that all the excess fuel and oil just runs right out onto the ground. The large silver cylinder in the center of the building is a water tank that is used to fill the square thing next to it, which is a 'swamp cooler,' basically a fan that blows over a pan of water to help cool the interior. We have these in the States, usually in drier western areas, but they're much smaller and probably much more efficient. They are by far the most prevalent way people try to cool their homes, since few can actually afford an actual air-conditioner.

Just to the right of the building is a brick and mortar water basin. On hot days, we sometimes see local kids gathered at their neighborhood generator, playing in this water. Posted by Picasa
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