Saturday, September 17, 2005

We went back out to check more polling sites and I gave out a few more lahaba. These girls (the same ones in the bottom photo of the 'Iraqi People' post) got a couple of good ones, again from the folks at the Goddard House.

Finally, after eight hours, we returned to our patrol base. Usually, on a QRF day that's that long, the night mission might get cancelled. No dice. Suddenly the KRAB needed info on our patrol delivered that very night so we rolled out again. Just after we dropped off the information at the KRAB, the call came that the IP had had a gunfight with bad guys near a bridge. We sped over there and, while too late for any activity, helped clear the area and generally just check things out. Later we met the cops back at their station just as they pulled up with the one bad guy that they captured, who unfortunately turned out to be Iraqi Army. We stayed there for a few more hours and then patrolled a bit after that too.

All in all, the day patrol was eight hours long followed by five more hours that night for a total of 13 hours of fun in Humvees for the day. Thank goodness that this didn't happen a few weeks ago when it was still hitting 125 degrees. We would have been cooked. Posted by Picasa
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