Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Western garages have expensive hydraulic lifts to push cars up into the air so mechanics can work underneath them. Instead of pushing cars up, cash-poor Iraqis go the other direction: down. You just have to dig a hole and presto, you're under the vehicle.

By the way, the weird cant caused by this car's suspension is definitely not uncommon here. While in the U.S. we fret about any problems or deviations to frame geometries, they just don't worry too much about them here. We've seen even fully-laden cargo trucks that, when you look at them head-on, you can still see their rear wheels because the entire frame is bent to one side. Vehicles here take a real beating since the roads (often unpaved) are so rutted. Yet, people never shy away from driving even sedans over roads that would make some Americans in SUV's cringe. Posted by Picasa
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