Wednesday, October 05, 2005


'Chow' in Army-ease means food. Forgive me if I sound pretentious but I hate the word as I just think it sounds ignorant. 'Hey, let's go get some chow!' Yeah, whatever.

Regardless of my prejudice, we have a lot of chow here, receiving two hot meals a day (breakfast and dinner) from the KRAB. Lunch is either on your own, from the local economy, a dreaded MRE (Meal Ready to Eat, a.k.a. Meals Rejected by Everyone), or a 'Jimmy Dean' prepackaged lunch of canned meat with roll, canned pasta, juice drink, Pringles, Oreo cookies, etc.

I know a lot of folks have been wondering about the food. Rather than tell you about it though, I thought a picture is worth a thousand words and thus the following photo essay was born.

Most of the following shots are from the lads' dinners. Mine are usually notable for the lack of meat product on the plate.
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