Monday, October 17, 2005

Elections, Take Two

The day before the constitutional elections, which would be the second Iraqi election that we've overseen, was quiet.

Oh, except for a mere car bomb, which we responded to, along with apparently every Iraqi Police (IP), Iraqi Army (IA), and U.S. unit in the city. Even Apaches and F-16's buzzed overhead. Soon all hell broke loose as gunfire erupted throughout the crowd gathered near the site. Luckily though, it was just IP using their AK-47 rifles to clear the crowd (a common practice here, although definitely one we frown upon, especially since what goes up must come down). One of the F-16's even over flew the crowd while dropping flares, trying to do their part to disperse the crowd.

For the election, it was blatantly clear that we were not kidding around. Apparently either our response or the fact that the city was flooded with police and army worked as that was the only incident that day.
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