Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hi all! Sally here. Chris will be offline for a couple of weeks while he travels HOME! I'll post updates as I get them...here is one I received this morning...

I am happy to report that I no longer live at Barbarian Base and am now a full-blown 'FOBbit' here at the KRAB. I am enjoying such amenities as walking to dinner, eating hot food, munching on fresh veggies with each meal, and generaly loafing around. I recently turned in my SAW and all associated bullets that go with said heavy, awkward, annoying machine gun (although saying good bye was a tear-jerker) and now tote a little, tiny, very light M4 with one little magazine full of teeny bullets.

Today I went for a long run with Wing, took lots of photos and video of the lads, lifted at a lovely gym with all sorts of equipment (and far too many big-ego, over-macho guys), ate a lovely lunch with the boys (roast beef sandwich with veggies - I don't think I've had a real sandwich since leave), showered, read a bit, then took a phat hour and a half nap. Not too shabby at all.

Overall, we still can't believe we're this close to going home. We often look at each other and say 'Hey, we're LEAVING. We're done.' The usual response is something like, 'No kidding. I just can't believe it.' This is usually followed by stories of tough trainign or just times of just general military stupidity where we said, 'Someday this will be over,' or, 'I can't wait until this day when I turn in this [weapon, ammo, first aid bag, or other sundry, and awkward piece of gear].'
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