Monday, October 17, 2005

Somehow though, after being out for ten hours all night, we also got assigned the morning 'logpac' (logistical package) breakfast run to the KRAB. Here, SGT Buckingham and CPL Wing help load the fruit, juices, milk, cereal, and marmite containers of hot food into the cargo Humvee.

While that logpac run could very well have been our platoon's last, we were just baffled as to how we got assigned it when two other squads were doing nothing but sleeping all night. It was actually a really bad move and could have been a serious safety problem. For the run, I was assigned to drive the above Humvee and during the very short drives to/from the KRAB, I kept almost falling asleep. We don't know how or why that decision was made, but it seriously could have been a bad one. Posted by Picasa
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