Monday, October 17, 2005

This little doll got... a little doll (actually an elephant Beanie Baby that she's clutching in her right hand) and a light stick from CPL Wing. The kids here LOVE the light sticks. I wish I had a photo of when Wing gave this little girl hers. He knelt down next to her (with her dad's cajoling, she was very brave and very much unafraid), opened the package, cracked it and then shook it. Her face lit up, both green from the light stick and wide-eyed in amazement. Man, I wish I could share with you a photo of that great and gorgeous little moment. I handed the little stuffed elephant to Wing to hand to her and when he did, she took the doll, tried to crack it and shake it, as if it too would light up bright green. Posted by Picasa
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