Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And then we hit blessed Ireland for our layover.

There 'The Plan' went into effect. Litzsinger, who was at the front of the plane, raced to the bar before the herds gathered and bought he and I two pints each. I hit the duty-free shop and loaded up on, uh, 'supplies' for the rest of the long flight to Washington state (note the bag next to the table, that's full of 'supplies'). I also quaffed two MORE pints before getting back onto the plane, for a total of four in about an hour, all at around 0400 in the morning on an empty stomach. Others had more than that, some far too much for such a short period of time.

The flight was LONG, dull, and cramped, although luckily me and Sgt. Sam Tozer had one of the very few empty seats in-between us. Posted by Picasa
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