Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Finally, on the last morning (and with coveted, now signed and official DD214 in hand) the bus came to take us back to the airbase.

Two brief stories of more ineptitude: the night before we were told to pack up everything and put it into a truck that would carry it to the airbase. That meant the guys had no sleeping bags, change of clothes, etc. That night, there was no heat in our building. Yet, the next morning the truck was still there, with all of our stuff still just sitting in it. Oh, and it turns out it was the WRONG truck so we had to unload it all again anyway.

And that morning we awoke about 0500 to clean up the barracks and be outside for the bus at 0630. The bus didn't come until 0700 or so. Then it didn’t leave until 0730. The ride to the airbase was about 15 minutes. When we got to our hanger at 0750 or so, they weren't even open yet. Typical. For each layer in a situation like this, each person bumps things up by half an hour, 'just in case'. What that means is that guys like me stand around a lot, waiting. Posted by Picasa
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