Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First there were the accidents. Being around the military and all its equipment, operating in conditions like we do, there are bound to be mistakes. This was a brand new M1114 Humvee that someone flipped while we were training in Kuwait. They were taking it on its first test run, trying to get acquainted with the new vehicle. The guys driving were told to really push the vehicle and apparently they did, executing power slides, spin outs, and more. The last driver was just about to execute his last power slide when this happened.

But the Army is pretty good about at least trying to enforce safety stuff and this accident caused all sorts of reviews by officers and reports and other stuff. The driver was even charged with excessive speed. Any idea where that guy ended up?

He ended up in Boise, writing on his blog. Yes, that was me. I flipped that Humvee, my first time EVER driving any kind of Humvee whatsoever, and I flipped it good. Posted by Picasa
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