Wednesday, November 30, 2005

If SRP is the heart of de-mobilizing, this converted field house (note the lit-up racquet ball courts in the rear) is the heart of SRP. Over the course of several days, we spent a lot of time here, most of the time waiting in very long lines so that, when you finally get to the end, they do literally two to five minutes of work on your file. Then you get into another line.

Just to give you an idea of the lack of organization, instead of grouping each day's stations into one area, they were just scattered all over. On Day 1, you're supposed to go to something like stations 7, 8A & 8B, 10-14, etc., instead of just putting them all together and naming them 1-8 or something like that.

By the time we were into Day 3 here and the group behind us was on Day 1 in their lines, there were so many people here that SSG Attebery colorfully described it as looking like 'maggots on meat'.

On that particular day, we were waiting on the small bleachers in a shuffling line of sorts. That line led to: Posted by Picasa
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