Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This blurry shot wouldn't make too much sense to anyone else but I just had to include it. It was the night that 'Litzsinger Took Control'. So upset by the ineptitude all around us, Litz had had enough. This night we were supposed to sign the coveted DD214 form, the final document that sums up our entire time deployed, awards won, etc. It is apparently the one and only official thing that says we were indeed deployed. They had us line up alphabetically and then were calling us into this random barracks where they would dig through their un-alphabetical pile and then have us sign it. This could have taken hours. Taking initiative far beyond his rank, Litz talked to the powers that be and instead had them bring all the documents to one location, one we were all now already waiting in, and just called people up as their form came up. Litz probably saved each person in that room at least an hour of waiting around per person, probably much more. For this reason, I have awarded CPL Christian Litzsinger the Efficient Service Cross and he is entitled to all benefits therein. Posted by Picasa
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