Saturday, September 14, 2013

My hand aches.

My hand aches because
My hand is empty. 

My hand misses the feel,
The weight,
The finality. 

My hand misses the ominous grip,
Designed by thoughtful engineers,
Allowing the quick reach of a finger
Onto the trigger,
The steadying sister hand wrapped around the fore-grip,
My cheek welded to the stock,
My eyes searching
Through the site posts
For a target,
For center mass. 

My hand is hungry. 
Hungry to touch again the steel 
The aluminum 
The plastics
The power - and the glory.

My hand is hungry, 
Hungry for the pull of its fingertip on the trigger that leads to the hammer that releases the bolt that drives the pin into the primer that leads to the explosion of powder in the chamber;
The 556 round flying, a ripping six-grove, right-handed spin, exploding from the barrel upon a wave of fiery gas...
That leads to the chest erupting.
That leads to the ruptured, cavernous exit wound. 
That leads to the skull coming apart
In chunks. 

My aching hand has me
Clearing my living room
Hunting at bars
Sizing up distances and windage
On the lone figure in the distance,
Look for a kill shot. 

My hand misses its weapon.
That weapon pressed into it
By drill sergeants and NCO's.
The weapon locked to it
By training and exercises,
By repetition
By muscle memory. 
My hand misses its weapon,
The one welded into it
Every day for a long, hot, dangerous year,
The weapon
Branded into it,
Branded into the flesh of my hand,
And the grooves of memory,
For life. 
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